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Fresh air, fine dining and a submarine? Djurönäset, Sweden

Fresh air (frisk luft) is the theme of the award winning architectural design of Sweden’s Djurönäset Hotel and Conference Center. It feels like a romantic lodge, remote and completely in tune with nature and yet it’s one of the largest conference facilities in Sweden.  Lucky for us, they also encourage couples and families to enjoy the property!

Somehow our one full day and overnight at Djurönäset felt like longer…in the best way possible. A deep sense of peace and relaxation settled into our bones as soon as we arrived and we were not eager to leave. The air smelled of evergreens and fresh rain.

“You’re an asset” Well, thank you so much!

If you’re wondering how to pronounce it, just say it the same as “you’re an asset”. Djurönäset is a small resort in Värmdö simply a 45 minute drive east of Stockholm in the heart of the archipelago. They have a significant chunk of land, with lots of woods and shoreline. The facilities were intentionally built to blend into the coastal woodlands, so you wouldn’t know they have 274 hotel rooms, 3 restaurants, conference facilities, a full spa, and a few other surprises! 🙂 Our experience with their staff began with a greeting and tour from Pia af Rolén. She is a delightful person. We found each of the staff we connected with to be genuinely pleasant, interesting, friendly and very competent. Much of what we say about the magic of this property has just as much to do with their people as it does with the setting!

To relax or to play?

Djurönäset effortlessly blends relaxation with stimulating activities in a way that makes you want to enjoy it all NOW, yet feel guilt-free in doing nothing at all and simply “being”.  When we visited, we’d been traveling for 13 days, so the peace and hospitality of Djurönäset were perfectly timed! Fortunately, our desire to enjoy the property won out over the pull of a nap, but that wasn’t easy once we entered our lovely room! Comfortable, clean, Scandinavian design with the colors and textures of the archipelago, yet complete with wi-fi and a flatscreen TV.

If you choose to relax, be sure to:

  • Submerge yourself in the hot tubs with a view of the Baltic Sea
  • Try the spa – complete with ”normal” dry sauna, hot sauna (unbelievably hot), misty steam room, ice shower, and a “refreshing shower experience” which includes changing colors and streams.
  • Schedule a massage, manicure, facial or other spa treatments
  • Lay on the beach and soak in the sun
  • Listen to live music in the evenings at the boat house restaurant
  • Enjoy the food and drink at all restaurants
  • Grab a hammock
  • Enjoy your comfortable, thoughtfully designed hotel room

If you choose to play, you have lots of options:

  • Take a dip in the Baltic Sea from the Djurönäset dock or beach
  • Jog on the running track through the woods
  • Workout in the gym
  • Swim in the 25 meter indoor pool
  • Play tennis or bocce
  • Take a hike on the nature trail.
  • Kayak, canoe, row, or sail

Would you like to submerge in a submarine?

Djurönäset has another surprise for those who are adventurous and not claustrophobic – a submarine! Captain Lasse Schmidt Westrén is available to take up to 3 passengers on a submarine tour of the area. It is quite an adventure and a lot of fun. We had a terrific time – especially when he offered to do an “emergency blow” from a depth of about 90 feet to the surface in 4 seconds – just like in the movie “Hunt for Red October”. Sheila slid halfway down the submarine before Tom sort of caught her. The sub is called on for military training and also available for recreational submarine hunts and team building adventures. What fun! Contact Captain Lasse!

A note about the fine dining

Since the setting at Djurönäset feels informal, at least at first, we were a bit wide-eyed at the quality and presentation of the meals. Each was excellent Swedish cuisine prepared with skill and locally sourced! All three of our meals exceeded expectations. Lunch was served at the summer boathouse restaurant Sjöboden. The afternoon fika, gourmet dinner and the next morning’s breakfast were served in various areas of the main room with panoramic views of the sea from every window. They also have great seating areas outside for when it’s not rainy.

Conferences & Meetings

From Sheila’s perspective as a former meeting planner and executive director for non-profit associations:

It’s easy to imagine how a company, group or even family could accomplish any goals they set for themselves at Djurönäset.  The setting, the facilities, the lodging…all are designed to encourage creativity and progress, mentally, emotionally and/or physically. From the large conference areas to the many areas for break out meetings, workshops or private conversations (each hotel building also has a comfy lounge and kitchen area), it’s easy to imagine significant breakthroughs, insights, communication, team building and true change occurring after just a few days of sessions. A week would be transformational.

Give Sweden’s Djurönäset a try

You won’t regret it. And you don’t have to choose whether to relax or play – you can do it all. Check current reviews and rates at TripAdvisor

We’re very grateful that Djurönäset invited us to visit. Our stay was provided by Djurönäset and Visit Sweden as part of our #TBEXStockholm experience. All opinions are our own! Djurönäset has earned their 4 Star Superior rating and they welcome you to experience it for yourself!

Trip date: July 2016 – As part of our 32 days in Scandinavia. More stories about Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark coming soon!

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    I would have loved to be there! Hopefully I can visit Djuronäset in the future. That submarine and the hot tub make me dream!

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